Looking at your absolute best is always an ongoing job, and if it is in your job description to uphold appearances, having perfect teeth is always nice. With teeth whitening technology constantly improving and evolving, you need to keep right on the cutting edge of the industry. Did you know that one of the most affordable and beneficial places to have your treatments done is in Mexico? The prices are phenomenal and the services are world-class. Here is your guide to getting teeth whitening in Molar City, Algodones.


Learning about Molar City Dentists


What is Molar City, I hear you ask? It is another name for the Mexican border town of Los Algodones. The name Molar City is derived from the city’s reputation as being one of the premier destinations in the world for dental tourism. In fact, many people from across mainly America and Canada come to Los Algodones because of its reputation for offering some of the cheapest dental treatments in the world.


There are over 300 dental establishments in Molar City and 900 dentists that operate to high international levels and by large were constructed to handle the foreign influx of dental patients flocking into the city over the past several years. Whether you are looking for treatments such as teeth whitening in Molar City or more complicated procedures such as dental implants or All on 4, Mexico, in general, is a popular place to visit.


Los Algodones is a short drive over the US border, convenient for American patients from both California and Arizona who only need to travel a short distance to find a real bargain. Some of the clinics are just two blocks away from the border. As you can see, Molar City is the ideal place to visit your dental treatments because there is so much choice, creating a buyer’s market where value for money is the order of the day.


Best Time of the Year for Visiting Los Algodones


Now we have established that Los Algodones is a great place for low-cost dental tourism, here is some more info that you will need when visiting the city. If you are looking for the best time of the year to visit Molar City for your treatments, we would suggest that peak season is between December and March is a great time if you want to visit when the temperatures are at their lowest. Please remember that in the peak season months, waiting times at the border can be very long, so you need to understand this before you book in this period of time.


Summer time is the best time to visit Los Algodones if you are looking to find a bargain. This time of the year can be really hot, so not so many people book their dental tourism holidays at his time. You can find some amazing promotional deals in the summer months.


Teeth Whitening Overview


Having a smile that lights up the galaxy is always a very positive thing to have. You always get more in life when you have a smiling and happy disposition. Sometimes we let things go a bit due to drinking and smoking which can discolor our teeth. In this day and age, teeth whitening techniques are pretty amazing and can have a high impact on your appearance. If your job is all about looking great, having the whitest of whitest teeth is always a plus factor and something that will get you recognized.


You can make some of the biggest savings on getting your teeth whitening in Molar City, which are approximately 72% cheaper than in the USA or Canada. When you look on television and see the gleaming white teeth celebrities, just remember it’s likely they took advantage of the latest teeth whitening treatments.


Teeth whitening is basically the bleaching of your teeth. Bleaching your teeth will change the color and appearance of the tooth enamel and remove stains from the surface, and even those that are deeper. Although we hear about do-it-yourself teeth bleaching kits, we would always recommend that you put yourself in the hands of experts instead of going it alone. The dentist will use chemicals to bleach your teeth, which are stronger – and a lot more effective – than those found in home whitening kits.


The treatment is painless, takes just a couple of hours and the results are dramatic.


Teeth Whitening Clinics


Now we have established that Los Algodones is such a great value-for-money dental tourism destination, we have to start trying to find clinics in the city that you can trust to do a proper job in the most professional manner. How do you find honest and truthful information online to get yourself a top-notch tooth whitening clinic in the city? All website and marketing spiel from the clinics always tell you how great they are, and why wouldn’t they!


This is where you need to go online to find yourself an independent website or portal that specializes in dental tourism and is not linked to any clinic in particular. Molar City Los Algodones is one such website that has dedicated its time to researching everything there is to know about Los Algodones to ensure you find the ideal clinics that suit your needs and budget. There are many clinics in the City offering treatments that are performed to the highest levels with top-notch and killed dentists that have expertise in all areas of dentistry, having trained at the biggest and best universities throughout Mexico, as well as in America.


Molar City Algodones has tirelessly searched online to find customer reviews from clinics in the city to get authentic testimonials and information from those who count. Here is a list of highly recommended dental clinics for teeth whitening in Molar City that offer the best international experience and a price that is right:


Alberta Dental

Supreme Dental

Sani Dental Group

Sani Dental Group – Platinum

CIRO Dental

Castle Dental

Dr. Sonia Edeza Morales


These above-mentioned clinics have onsite staff that speak both Spanish and English and are trained to deal with international patients from across the world. This combination of affordable prices and high-end treatments is why Mexico has such a fantastic reputation as being the ultimate dental tourism destination in the world.


Dental Tourism in Mexico


When you are looking to find top-notch teeth whitening in Molar City, Castle dental, is somewhere that appeals to dental tourists from across America and Canada. The Mexican dental tourism industry in general is one of the most robust in the world and is changing the way we think about purchasing dental treatments.


Over the past decade or so, dental establishments in America and Canada has been charging such extortionate prices that they have now priced themselves out of the game. Even if you have surplus amounts of money, why would you pay approximately 65% more across the board for dental treatments when you can save a fortune going over the border to Mexico.


Most people are opting for Los Algodones because it is not only one of the most convenient places in the world, but also one of the most competitive in terms of quality clinics and prices, the competition has driven he prices down in the city, which is great for foreign tourists.


Teeth Whitening Prices in Mexico


Although the prices for teeth whitening are not the most expensive when compared to treatments such as dental implants, you can still make massive savings by visiting Molar City for your treatments. In the USA, prices for teeth whitening can cost in the region of USD $650 to $700, in Molar City, the prices range between USD $150 and $200. As you can see, the affordability is unquestionable.


If you are looking to secure the best prices for teeth whitening in Mexico, here is an example of the prices you will be expected to pay in numerous currencies and compared with the same treatments in other countries: US $170 (CAN $210; UK £126; Euro €144; Aus $216; NZ $236), compared to the prices in the US $668 (CAN $825; UK £497; Euro €568; Aus $849; NZ $927).




When it comes to looking your best, teeth whitening treatments really are the proverbial cherry on top of the cake. Keeping up appearances might be the difference between getting or not getting a new promotion or impressing you work colleagues. Having the whitest teeth is basically a confidence thing that is quite powerful.


More people than ever before are visiting Mexico for their dental treatments and with Molar City, you have one of the best value for money destinations at your fingertips. If you are living in California and want a quick and convenient jaunt over the border or you are flying in from further afield from Canada or Europe, Molar City is somewhere that everyone can easily visit to and find a bargain.


When you are trying to find the best options for Teeth Whitening in Molar City, you need to align yourself with a dental tourism portal that can give you the impartial lowdown on Molar City and where to find the most reliable and reputable clinics. Molar City Algodones will help you to find some real bargains in the city that are catered to Americans looking to save vast amounts of money on dental treatments.