One of the most common dental treatments in the world is a root canal, but if you don’t have dental insurance or are covered in some way, shape or form, it can cost quite a bit of money. American dental clinics have long been known as one of the most expensive places in the world for dental treatments, and for those who don’t have cover, getting dental treatments done in the USA is a pipe dream. However, did you know that Mexico has dental prices that are a fraction of those in America? Here is some important information on getting affordable root canals in Molar City.


Dental Tourism Mexican-style


Although most people associate the flow of people coming from one direction on the USA and Mexican border, you might be surprised to learn that Americans also go the other way to find low-cost dental treatments. If Donald Trump had built his much-maligned wall, we would not be able to take advantage of the low-cost dental treatments that are available to the south of the USA.

Did you know that dental treatments in Mexico are approximately 65% cheaper than in the USA? For root canals alone, the prices are over 70% cheaper. Please do not get the impression that dental services in Mexico are cheap in terms of performance, because that is simply not true. Mexico has some of the best dental establishments in the world and some of the most eclectic dental destinations.


If you are looking for a holiday-style dental destination, many Americans are choosing to visit places such as Cancun and Cabo, but when they seek lots of choices, competitive prices and a convenient location with exceptional value for money, they are visiting Los Algondones.


What is Molar City?


If you are online researching dental treatments in Mexico, you have no doubt heard the name, Molar City, popping up here and there. Molar City is a name for the Mexican border town of Los Algodones, which has the reputation of being one of the premier dental tourism locations in the world. There are countless dental establishments in Molar City, with over 100 of them appealing and catering to international patients from across America. Root canals in Molar City are some of the cheapest in the world, alongside other treatments such as dental implants.


The city sits directly on the Mexican-American border, within close proximity to California and Arizona, making it the perfect destination for those who want an easy and convenient place to take advantage of low-cost treatments. Some of the clinics in Los Algodones are just two blocks away from the border itself.


There are not many destinations in the world that can match Molar City for affordable dental prices, and although third-world nations across SE-Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam, but they are not viable options for American and Canadian patients. Whether you are a single person, a couple or are seeking a family dental option, there is something for everyone in Molar City.


Do you need a Root Canal?


Finding clinics for root canals in Molar City is very simple because there is so much choice on offer. Do you need a root canal? This treatment is usually for repairing or saving a tooth that is badly decaying or has become infected. Dental specialists will remove the nerve and pulp from within the tooth during the process. They will clean the insides and seal it back up again.


If this procedure isn’t performed on your decaying tooth, they could well become infected and cause abscesses and other problems. Although many people go the cheap route to have the tooth extracted, if it can be saved via a root canal treatment, you just need to take the chance. Once your tooth has been removed it will never grow back, so having root canals in Molar City could really help you.


Finding Root Canal Clinics in Molar City


Are you an expert on dental tourism? Not many people are, so it’s important that you seek out expert advice before deciding on a clinic in Los Algodones. We live in a world where anyone can create a website for their business to tell you how fantastic their services are. That doesn’t mean it is true, and in most cases, it can mean the opposite. The point is that going online to research clinics for root canals in Molar City might seem easy, but how do you know you are getting truthful and authentic information? Basically speaking, you don’t!


Unless you are an expert or have friends who have visited Molar City for dental treatments, how can we find out which clinics offer the most reputable services that especially cater to international patients from America and Canada? We need to find someone we can trust to give us unbiased and insightful info.


Dental tourism portals such as Molar City Los Algodones have found out all the information about root canals in Molar City and other treatments to offer you impartial advice that is honest and trustworthy. We have gone to the length and great detail or reading every online customer review for all the clinics in Los Algodones, so they have a true insight into the best and most reliable clinics in the city.


By using these reviews from former patients, studying the websites of each clinic and by checking out before and after photos of the said treatments at each facility, we now have a great idea on where the best bargains can be found. All recommendations on are vetted by former patients, and also were handpicked by industry insiders so you get not only amazingly low prices, but also clinics that have world-class surgeons and specialists performing to high international levels.


When you are looking for root canals in Los Algodones, Alberta Dental always has a fantastic reputation for merging quality and prices. Here are some of the other highly-recommended clinks for root canals in Molar City:


Supreme Dental

Sani Dental Group

Sani Dental Group – Platinum

CIRO Dental

Castle Dental


If you are trying to find a tried, tested and trusted surgeon for root canals in Molar City, Dr. Sonia Edeza Morales really is an inspired pick. She is known as one of the friendliest and accommodating dental specialists in Mexico for international clientele.


Finding Affordable Root Canal Costs


Although we have already figured out that Los Algodones has some quality and world-class dental establishments, affordable pricing is what makes the city such a special place for dental tourism vacations. As you will already know, root canal prices in Mexico are 72% cheaper than in America, which has really shown the true colors of dental clinics in the USA.


Because Molar city has so many top-notch clinics, everyone is vying for supremacy. That might be hard work if you own one of those clinics, but if you are a customer, all your dreams have come true. This competitive nature on the Molar City dental scene has seen each clinic dropping prices to out-do their competitors. The quality of the treatments and services has also vastly improved over the past 5-years, which is once again down to clinics competing with each other for the top spot. Just remember that you are amidst a buyer’s market when you are thinking of booking root canals in Molar City.


The price for root canals in America is approximately USD $1,250, while prices in Mexico range from USD $212 to $280. As you can see, the value is simply unbeatable, but looks even cheaper because of the extortionate prices in the USA. Here is an example of root canal prices in Mexico in many different currencies and also some comparisons to prices in other countries: US $250 (CAN $309; UK £186; Euro €212; Aus $317; NZ $347), compared to the prices in the US $1,250 (CAN $1,545; UK £933; Euro €1,062; Aus $1,586; NZ $1,737).


What does it all mean?


Now we have been over what and where is Molar City, why the Mexican dental industry easily trumps (excuse the pun) the USA in terms of affordable dental treatments, and also that the Mexican clinics offer world-class treatments centers and specialists just the same as in American, it’s no wonder why Mexico is taking over the industry. The clinics have staff that speak both Spanish and English, have state-of-the-art facilities, the latest and greatest innovative treatments and anything else you can imagine.


When you want to find the cheapest prices and the best impartial advice for everything Molar City related, we would highly recommend that you visit where they can point you towards the most reputable clinics in the city and give you the best unbiased advice about the Mexican dental tourism industry online.


Getting your Root Canals in Molar City is an extremely convenient and cost-effective experience. The world is changing and evolving, and this is very evident in the dental tourism scene. Places such as Los Algodones are now the ultimate alternatives to the uber-expensive dental centers back at home in the States.