If you are living in America and are always on the lookout to save money on your dental treatments, it is difficult to find bargains in the USA or Canada in this day-and-age. Times have dramatically changed and although we still think of Mexicans coming to America to take advantage of the job market, we are now finding that Americans are going in the opposite direction to find low-cost dental solutions. Did you know you could save 67% by booking your fillings in Molar City, Mexico? So, where is this Molar City they speak of, and what is it all about?

Discovering Molar City


Can you imagine what it must have been like for explorers chopping through the dense undergrowth of the Mexican jungle to discover the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan for the first time in modern history? This might not have the same far-reaching effect, but discovering Molar City and saving massive amounts on dental treatments might be a similarly enlightening experience. Especially if you have been holding back on getting treatments for years because of the high prices in the USA. Fillings in Molar City alone are some of the cheapest in the world, which is same with many other treatments.


Molar City is another name for the dusty Mexican border town of Los Algodones, which is just walking distance from Southern California. Americans in-the-know have been visiting this interesting place for many years to take advantage of the low-cost dental treatments in the city. Without stating the obvious, the prices are so low because the salaries and cost-of-living in Mexico are lower just across the border, but it’s more than just that.


Molar City has achieved its name because there are more than 100 top-notch dental clinics in the city that are geared to dealing with international patients. With so many dental clinics in Los Algodones, all of them are trying to offer more value than their competitors. This has culminated in the prices being extremely low and the standards being extremely high. It’s a win-win loophole for international patients who are now visiting the city in their droves to take advantage of this unique environment that really is like a storm in a teacup. The Tasmanian devil of the dental tourism industry so to speak.


USA Dentists vs Mexican Dentists


Is it really a competition? For it to be a competition between American and Mexican dental industries, they have to be relatable on some level. The only place where these two industries are similar is in terms of quality. American dental establishments are famous for their high levels of execution, but in all honesty, the clinics we are about to recommend to you for fillings in Molar City have exactly the same high standards.


You would automatically assume that dental establishments in American must be better than those in Los Algodones, right? Wrong! They operate to very similar levels, the major difference is that for exactly the same treatments, you pay significantly less in Mexico. All the Mexican dental specialists studied the same criteria as their American cousins and in some cases, went to the same colleges and dental learning facilities in the USA.


If you wanted to pay for All on 4 dental treatments in the US, you could pay in the region of USD $26,000, which really is staggering! Most people’s houses in third-world nations cost less than that, and all you are getting from that is drilled-in teeth! Although All on 4 treatments are pretty amazing and one of the most life-changing dental treatments in the world, in Molar City, you can find the same treatments with prices range from USD $5,000 to $14,700, which is much more in line with common sense and fairness.


The conclusion is that American dental establishments are all well and good if you have plenty of money, and they do operate to high levels, but they are also extremely expensive and unrealistic with their pricing system. Dentists in Molar City offer the same world-class levels of execution and have prices that are approximately 65% cheaper while offering much more competition. Like I said, there is no competition!


Getting Fillings in Molar City


Although it might seem like quite an ordeal to travel to Molar City or Mexico in general for your dental treatments, if you are a family of 4, even getting your fillings in Molar City could save you lots of money. Do you remember back in the days when the only fillings available were the black metallic kind? Every time you opened your mouth to laugh or spit out an insult, everyone could see your chessboard teeth.


Times have changed, and there are more filling options than ever before. The most standard type is Amalgam, which is a mix of many metals such as tin, silver, mercury and other ingredients. However, because of the hullabaloo concerning mercury levels in amalgam fillings many more people are now opting for composite resin fillings. These are available in the same color as your teeth, which look much prettier and are obviously very popular. Other forms of filling include lonomers, which are materials that are tooth-colored and are used to block up small cavities and cavities between teeth. If you want to get your bling on, there are some fantastic options for gold teeth.


Molar City Clinics


Now we have come to the realization that Molar City literally kicks the proverbial butt when it comes to offering a wide choice of fillings, we need to find some clinics in the city that really do perform to the highest levels while still offering cheap prices. Visit the dental tourism portal, www.molarcityalgodones.com to get the best impartial advice from experts that are independent of any clinics or company.


This highly-regarded dental tourism hub has worked hard to research every part of the Molar City dental scene and has found you the most reliable and respected clinics for fillings in Molar City.


It is very easy to get caught in the trap of believing marketing spiel online from the clinics directly, but they are hardly going to tell you that their head doctor is a charge for malpractice now are they? By utilizing the services of www.molarcitylosalgodones.com you can get the most truthful and unbiased advice that has your best interests at heart. Using online reviews from former patients of each of the clinics in Los Algodones, you can find a treatments center that operates at world class levels and offers a fair price. Here are some highly-recommended clinics in Molar City for you to consider:



If you want to find some other honorable mentions for your fillings in Molar City, Castle Dental is also a very popular clinic with international patients. If you are looking to hire the services of a top-notch surgeon for your fillings in Los Algodones, Dr. Sonia Edeza Morales is right up there with the best in North America.


Fillings Cost in Los Algodones


When you are searching online to secure the cheapest costs for fillings in Molar City, you will find that Mexican prices on average are between USD $37 and $75 per filling. This is a massive difference to the prices in the US that are USD $155 per filling. If you factor into the deal that you might need a few fillings, it only makes sense to make that special journey over the Mexican border to Molar City.


Did you know that you can save thousands of dollars by booking your dental implant treatments in Molar City? Mexican dental implant prices are approximately USD $1,250 while in American they can cost up to US4,000 and beyond! That is 67% in savings!


If you want to know more about prices for fillings in Los Algodones, here is an example of what you might be expected to pay in dollars and other currencies, and also with a comparison of the prices across Western world nations: US $50 (CAN $61; UK £36; Euro €42; Aus $63; NZ $69), compared to the prices in the US $155 (CAN $199; UK £116; Euro €137; Aus $202; NZ $207).


Booking Your Dental Treatments Today


As with any market, prices can be in a constant state of flux, so if you see something such as fillings or dental implants that are extremely affordable in Molar City, we would recommend that you book as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on the deal of a lifetime. Missing the boat could cost you lots of money, and that is not a great position to be in.


Booking your fillings in Molar City at the earliest possible opportunity is the best course of action to take. We have already shown you how the American and Mexican dental tourism markets match up against each other and that Molar City has some of the cheapest prices for dental treatments in the world.