Are you an American or Canadian searching online to find prices for dental treatments? Can you believe how expensive it is? No joke, right? The prices in the USA have become so high that only the wealthiest can afford treatments such as dental implants or the costlier services. The extortionate prices have helped to create an amazingly affordable dental tourism industry in Mexico that is only now beginning to be noticed. Dentists in Molar City, Mexico are offering the best alternative to the expensive dental prices back home.

Mexican Dental Tourist Industry


Did you know that thousands of Americans and Canadians are now making Mexico their first port of call when it comes to taking advantage of affordable dental treatments? The prices are so low, 65% lower on average, than dental prices in America and it is dramatically affecting how and where we purchase our treatments. In times past, we would have been lumbered with extremely high dental prices or none at all, as only the richest can afford treatments. It’s the American Dream, baby! But don’t fret, booking dentists in Molar City, Mexico might just change your life for the better.


The Mexican dental tourism industry has gone from strength to strength over the past few years and is now considered one of the most competitive in the world in terms of quality and affordability. Molar City is the ideal place for dental tourism if you are looking for a convenient hop over the Border to take advantage of these immense prices for dental treatments we are currently seeing at this moment in time.


The dental tourism scene in Los Algodones literally has something for everyone, and with dental establishments that offer exceptionally high standards and English and Spanish speaking staff that are trained to the highest levels imaginable, the scene is ideal for foreign patients from across America, Canada and even Europe.


Introducing Molar City


Did you know that the American-Mexican border town of Los Algodones has so many high quality dental establishments that it has been rebranded as ‘Molar City’? Funny but true! With over 100 world-class dentists in Molar City, this interesting destination is getting a reputation for being the heart of the dental tourism world. The funny fact is that only 6,000 people live in Los Algodones, and is now at the point where it attracts more dental tourists each year than people who live in the city!


Some of the dentists in Molar City are literally two blocks from the Californian border. More people than ever before from California and Texas are taking the simple steps of visiting places such as Molar City and casting off American dental clinics like a bad habit.


Dental Clinics in Molar City


With so many dentists in Molar City, how can you be sure that you are purchasing treatments from a quality establishment? Unless you get insider advice, you won’t know.


If you are looking for dental implants in Molar City, Supreme Dental is one such place that specializes in implantology and All on 4 treatments. If you are seeking out world-class root canals in Los Algodones, CIRO  Dental is one of the most popular in the city for US patients.


We have compiled a list of the most trustworthy dentists in Molar City that are highly-recommended and praised by online reviews from former patients, and also by our reputable team who have the lowdown in the city for affordable dental treatments.


Dr. Sonia Edeza Morales – If you are looking to find the best dental implants in Algodones, Dr. Sonia Edeza Moralas is and inspired choice. Her reputation for implantology is second to none and her reputation for being friendly and accommodating is unrivalled.


Alberta Dental – When you are looking for a dentist in Los Algodones that is literally just over the border from California, not many can match this popular dental clinic. Known for its international atmosphere, when you are looking for top-notch treatments and services that are for international patients, look no further.


Castle Dental – This modern and futuristic dental treatment center is known for its mouth reconstruction treatments and is the ideal place for dental implantology. If you are looking for top-flight All on 4 in Molar City, Castle Dental is a very popular and reputable choice.


Supreme Dental – With a small team of friendly and accommodating staff that speak both Spanish and English, this is perfect option. Just two blocks away from the American border, many US patients have visited Supreme Dental and rate it as one of the best.


CIRO Dental – Rated as one of the best dental establishments in Molar City, which is pretty amazing when you think about the competition, CIRO is a modern clinic with the most innovative treatments and highly-trained staff that follow Western principles. Close to the border, this is one of our favorite dentists in Molar City.


Simply Dental – Just a 5-minute drive from the border, Simply Dental has a fantastic reputation as an international-style dental clinic that pretty much offers it all. From the latest and greatest implant treatments to root canals, reconstructive dental and everything in between, you really are in the hands of experts.


Sani Dental Group Platinum – The Sani Dental Group is one of the most respected dental groups in the city and has this Sani Dental Group Platinum and the standard Sani Dental Group Clinic both in Los Algodones. These clinics merge the best in dental implantology and also high-grade All on 4 treatments that are some of the most inexpensive not just in the city, but in Mexico.


Dental Prices in Molar City


Although we have told you why Los Algodones is such a popular dental tourism hub, you might have already realized that ‘price’ is why so many people come to the city. Right across the board, prices for dentists in Molar City are approximately 65% on average, which is pretty massive when we start talking about the most expensive treatments in the industry such as dental implants and All on 4 Treatments.


As mentioned above, who can really and honestly afford to get dental treatments done in America in this da- and-age? A couple of fillings here and there, extractions and a bit of teeth whitening maybe, but when it comes to the more complicated and life-changing treatments, American dental clinics have priced themselves out of the game. Maybe this will come back to haunt them and make them more competitive across the board, but we are not wasting our breath.


If you want to find out where you can make the biggest savings by getting your treatments done in Molar City, we would suggest you check out these All on 4 treatment prices. Did you know that All on 4 treatments in American dental clinics can set you back USD $26,000? The prices in Mexico are 68% cheaper for All on 4 in Mexico. In America, dental implants will cost you in the region of USD $4,000, while in Molar City, the price can range from USD $900 to $1,500. Dental implants, All on 4 and All on 6 treatments is where you can literally save thousands of dollars.


Please take a look at the prices you can expect to pay for All on 4 treatments in Mexico and you will be flabbergasted: US $ 10,000 (CAN $12,696; UK £7,688; Euro €8,722; Aus $12,788; NZ $13,645), compared to the prices in the US $26,000 (CAN $33,431; UK £19,382; Euro €23,130; Aus $33,910; NZ $34,841).


Molar City is literally one of the most exciting places in the world to take advantage of low-cost dental treatments, performed to the highest levels by world-class surgeons and experts that speak both Spanish and English. With so many quality dentists in Molar City that offer breathtaking prices, reading this article could be the most important piece of information you read all year. It will definitely save you more money than you can ever imagine.


Please take your time to study this article to find the best selection of dentists in Molar City. Los Algodones has reinvented itself and is no longer perceived as a dusty border town and has been reborn as Molar City. Find some of the cheapest dental treatments in the world by visiting Molar City today and to cast American dental clinics to the dirt!