Dental implantology has simply changed the dental industry as we know it and is changing the lives of people on a daily basis. The thought of living the rest of your life with dentures was okay, but nothing was like the real thing until implant technology was created. Los Algodones in Mexico, also known as Molar City, is the ideal place to visit if you are an American and you want to counteract the extortionate prices back in your homeland. Let us tell you why getting your dental implants in Molar City could be the wisest decision you make in life.


Why is Molar City a Dental Tourism Hotspot?


Is Molar city a real city, I hear you say? Molar City is basically a marketing name for the Mexican border city of Los Algodones. Situated right on the border to California, Los Algodones might not seem any different from any other dusty border town, but it does have one difference. This unique city is home to over 100 world-class dental clinics that were created for American patients who are seeking unbeatable value. This is why and how Molar City was born.


When you take into consideration that prices for dental treatments in America, Canada and Europe are on average 65% more expensive than in Los Algodones, you can see why dental implants in Molar City are a popular choice for US patients. The Mexican dental tourism scene is alive and well and thriving right along the border in places such as Tijuana, Mexicali, Calexico and much more, with Molar City being the jewel in the crown of the industry.


Why Are American Patients Visiting Mexico?


America is the land of the free, right? One of the leading nations in the world so to speak. One of the major drawbacks of living in one of the most modern first-world nations on the planet with a high standard of living is that things simply cost too much. That is okay in everyday life such as groceries and the like, but when you start factoring in prices for dental and medical treatments, then Americans are some of the most unfortunate in the world. Even some African nations have free dental and health care, or least affordable ones.


Did you know that prices for All on 4 dental treatments in America are approximately USD $26,000? Although we know that such treatments are a major procedure and a completely life-changing experience, only those with surplus amounts of cash could possibly afford such a financial outlay. The price for the same treatments in Mexico is 68% cheaper! This is why a vast majority of Californian residents are skipping over the border to take advantage of these prices that are simply unfathomable within the borders of the USA.


Visiting Molar City for Dental Implants

As you can see, it only makes sense to get your dental implants in Molar City to save a small fortune. However, what do you actually know about dental implants and are they the treatment for you? Dental implants are the ultimate replacement for real teeth and a true godsend for those who are tired of living with dentures.


Although top-quality dentures are all well and good, there is nothing like having something more permanent that doesn’t move or give when you are eating and chewing.


There are a few types of dental implant but the basis is that these artificial teeth are fused to your jawbone and can be even mounted to bridges and dentures to make them secure and solid. For many people, standard bridges and dentures can be extremely uncomfortable and even impossible to wear in some cases, depending on the contours of your mouth and the quality of the bridges. The best part with dental implants is that no adjacent teeth have to be ground down to hold your replacement teeth in place.


Having healthy gums is important if you want to have dental implants and you must commit to this ethos. You must have near perfect oral hygiene for the implant to be fitted because if not, you can get all manner of problems with you gums and the mouth might literally reject the implants. Smoking is a real no-no for those who seek implants.


As mentioned above, standard implants are artificial teeth on rods that are fused into your jaw, but if you have little to no jawbone, there are other options such as Zygomatic implants. As the name might suggest, Zygomatic Implants are positioned on longer rods than the standard implant type and are fixed into your cheekbone, also known as the Zygomatic bone. This type of implant treatment is one of the most secure and solid you will find an ideal for those whose jawbone simply can’t handle normal implants.


Dental Implants in Molar City could be the perfect solution to your ongoing dental woes. With dental implant prices a fraction of those in the USA and Canada, now you need to find a clinic in the city that fulfills your requirements both in terms of quality and price.

Circumnavigating Dental Treatments Online


We are fortunate to live in modern times where you can find all the information about anything in a matter of seconds on the internet. In the dark days before the internet, companies such as dental clinics pretty much had total control of the pricing of the market and as any business would, it used all the tactics possible to part you from as much of your money as possible. We shouldn’t be bitter about this because that is the way business works. Gone are the days of taking granted the words of ‘dental professionals’ in the USA because we can find out the info for ourselves online.


Although dental implants in Molar City are extremely cheap, does that mean Mexican dental practices offer cheap quality services and treatments? As the old adage goes: you get what you pay for! For sure, some dental clinics in Mexico are offering cheap prices because they offer unreliable and untrustworthy services, however, the best dental clinics in Mexico not only offer cheap prices but also top-notch and quality procedures performed by highly trained experts.


If you visit the website of any company, dental establishment or not, they will all give you the marketing spiel about their greatness, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. The only way to get real impartial advice is from a friend who has visited dental clinics in Molar City in the past, or finding a reliable dental tourism portal online that will guide you towards the most reliable and reputable clinics in the city. is one such hub that uses its inside knowledge of the Los Algodones dental scene and has also used online reviews from former patients to point you towards the best value for money clinics in the city. Here are some quality recommendations for dental establishments that specialize in dental implants in Molar City, while also offering world-class services and affordable prices:


Alberta Dental

Supreme Dental

CIRO Dental

Simply Dental

Sani Dental Group – Platinum

Sani Dental Group


When you are looking to secure the best dental implants in Molar city, these clinics offer reliability. Take your time to learn more about these dental options when you seek a top-notch dental experience in Los Algodones.


Dental Implant Prices in Molar City


With Mexico being one of the cheapest places in the world for dental treatments, securing the best value for money price is paramount. As mentioned earlier, treatments such as All on 4 procedures can cost USD $16,000 less in Mexico than at dental establishments in the USA, Canada and Europe. That is the most you can save on dental treatments, but the next biggest savings are on dental implants.


Prices for dental implants in American can cost in the region of USD $4,000. Dental implants in Molar City and Mexico in general can cost you anywhere between USD $900 and $1,500. That is a saving of 68% on average and worth the visit to Los Algodones alone. This is why so many Americans are now making Mexico their first port of call for dental treatments.


Here is an example of the price you can expect to pay in Mexico for dental implants with prices in numerous currencies and also with comparisons to the prices in other Western countries: US $ 1,250 (CAN $1,593; UK £971; Euro €1,064; Aus $1,593; NZ $1,727), compared to the prices in the US $ 3,913 (CAN $5,027; UK £2,928; Euro €3,480; Aus $5,098; NZ $5,238).


We live in an exciting new world where all the information we need about anything is right there at our fingertips. When you need to find out more about alternative options to the expensive prices for dental implants and other dental treatments in the USA, getting your dental implants in Molar City will be the smartest decision in your life and will literally save you thousands of dollars and give you a smile you can be proud of.