The Holy Grail of the dental tourism industry is the affordable prices for dental work available in different parts of the world. One of the beneficiaries of this trend is Molar City, Mexico. Officially known as Los Algodones, the city offers you a wide range of dental treatments at affordable prices. This is especially important for people who are seeking to undergo a full mouth makeover. In Los Algodones, the low prices of dental work mean that you can opt for multiple treatments, while maximizing your savings.

A full mouth makeover can include different, wide-ranging treatments, including dental veneers and crowns. Regardless of the treatments involved in a full mouth makeover in Los Algodones, you will be able to easily afford the procedure. However, you might wonder why the cost of the procedure is low. A major reason for this is that price is often reflective of quality. Let’s explore some reasons why you can get a cheap mouth makeover in Molar City without compromising on quality:

Low Cost of Living

The cost of living in Los Algodones is considerably lower than in the US and Canada. So even top clinics such in in Molar City as Castle Dental, Supreme Dental, and Simply Dentalare able to offer low prices.

High Level of Competition

The high level of competition between the dental clinics in Los Algodones also keeps prices low. They realize that to attract a steady stream of patients, they need to offer reasonable prices while maintaining quality of dental care.

Favorable Exchange Rate

The currencies of both the US and Canada are stronger as compared to the Mexican Peso. You can benefit from the favorable exchange rate by saving money on travelling to and staying in Los Algodones.

These are the main reasons why the cost of dental treatments in Los Algodones is low, ensuring that you can get a full mouth makeover for less without breaking the bank. In the process, you don’t have to compromise on quality, saving 60% to 65% on the cost of different treatments, for instance:

Cost of dental crows in the US: USD $1,200

Cost of dental crowns in Los Algodones: USD $180 to $796

Savings: Close to 60%

Cost of dental implants in the US: USD $4,000

Cost of dental implants in Los Algodones: USD $1,500

Savings: Over 60%

Traveling to and staying in Molar City is also fairly simple. You can park your car overnight for just USD $16 per night and cross the border. Some clinics offer a shuttle service so ask about that as well. Also confirm with the clinic how many visits you will need to make as the mouth makeover includes different elements which vary from case to case.

The bottom-line is that if you are seeking an affordable full mouth makeover without compromising on quality, Molar City is the perfect dental tourism destination. Book in advance and stick to the clinics on our portal and you’ll be fine.

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