Did you know that all-on-4 dental implants are a superior teeth replacement option as compared to dentures? However, they also happen to be among the most expensive dental procedures. The cost of the treatment in the US and Canada often dissuades patients from opting for the procedure. Luckily, affordable all-on-four implants are available just across the border. Los Algodones, Mexico, also known as Molar City, is the world’s leading dental tourism destination, offering you a wide range of treatments at affordable prices. Here are some reasons opting for all-on-4 in Molar City is a great idea:

Cost Savings

The average price of the procedure in the US and Canada is USD $26,000 / CAD $33,534. In comparison, the average price of all-on-4 in Molar City is USD $10,000 / CAD $12,898. As you can see, there are savings of over 60% to be had on the treatment by making a trip across the border. Even the most advanced dental facilities in Molar City keep prices low, including:

Easily Find the Right Clinic

Los Algodones is referred to as the Dental Capital of the World. The small town encompasses over 300 dental clinics, with more than 900 dentists, in a small radius. And we list only the most reliable clinics in Molar City on our portal. Thanks to our screening process that includes checks like onsite visits, staff qualification verification and legal/criminal records checking, you can view the best dental clinics on our site and conveniently find a reliable dental clinic.

Good Quality

Just as importantly, the clinics there invest in cutting-edge, state-of-the-art dental technology and equipment, offering a standard of care and treatment on par with the best dental clinics in the US and Canada.

Dentists are also highly-skilled with many of them opting to do at least part of their training in the United States. There’s also a high proportion who are also American Dental Association members too.

Convenient Location

Did you know that Los Algodones is located on the US-Mexico border? You can drive into the town from Arizona and California, as it is located close to Yuma and Winterhaven. Many clinics also provide a shuttle service so ask about that. You can take a flight to Yuma and drive across the border, or park your car overnight for a small fee of USD $16 per night.

If there’s no extraction involved, you can get your all-on-4 implants within a day. If not, you may have to visit again after some time. Make sure to discuss these matters with your clinic before you travel and plan your trip accordingly.

So, there you have it, the top reasons why a trip to Molar City for all-on-4 is such a great idea. Learn more about the clinics mentioned above and plan your trip to the dental capital of the world.

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