The trend of dental tourism is picking up steam across the first world. Patients frustrated with the high cost of dental care are forced to seek out affordable alternatives overseas, with Los Algodones, Mexico a preferred destination for people from the US and Canada. The town is known as the ‘Dental Capital in the World’, offering you hundreds of dental clinics and dentists within a small radius. Also known as Molar City, you will be able to find a dental clinic that best suits your needs in terms of affordable dental care.

However, many people are perturbed at the mere thought of travelling overseas for dental work. The main reason for their hesitation is the fact that there are several myths about Molar City dental care, which thankfully less people believe today than before. Let’s debunk some of them:

“Travelling is a hassle”

Los Algodones is perhaps the most accessible dental tourism destination for Americans and Canadians. The city is located 10 miles west of Yuma, Arizona. You can take a flight to Yuma and cross the border on foot. Some clinics also offer a shuttle service. You can also park your car overnight in Yuma, for just $16 a night. Yet, you might read that traveling to Molar City for dental care entails hassle. The town is also located near Winterhaven, California, providing you an alternate route to the city.

“There are no big savings after travel & accommodation costs”

The cost of dental treatments there is considerably lower than in the US and Canada, where dental implants cost USD $3,900 / CAD $5,000. The average price of dental implants in Algodones (Molar City) is USD $1,250 / CAD $1,700. You can save over 65% by getting your dental implants in Algodones (Molar City).

Moreover, since intricate treatments, including dental implants, might involve numerous visits, especially if you have to undergo extraction, the low cost of implants in Algodones will benefit you.

“Low cost means low quality”

A myth associated with the low price of dental treatments in Los Algodones is that it reflects the standard of care and treatment available there. In reality, plenty of clinics in Algodones, offer world-class dental care. We only list such clinics on our site after stringent background checks. And thanks to the lower operating costs in Mexico, even the most renowned clinics in Los Algodones are able to offer low prices low. Here is an overview of the cost of dental implants at the top clinics in the Molar City:

These are some of the most common myths about dental care in Molar City that you should ignore. There is no reason for you to believe these misconceptions, as they will keep you from deriving maximum benefit from the low cost of dental implants and other treatments in Los Algodones. The low prices coupled with the low cost of travelling to and staying in Los Algodones make the option worth your while.

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