The dental tourism industry has benefited significantly from the proliferation of the internet to all corners of the world. People living in the US and Canada are tired of spending their hard-earned money on dental care, where the prices keep rising to exorbitant levels and there is a lack of insurance coverage as well. Luckily for you, cheaper options are available, without having to compromise on quality. You can head to Los Algodones, also known as Molar City, in Mexico, the Dental Capital of the World, to benefit from high-quality dental care at low prices.

However, you might wonder if traveling across the border for a dental procedure is worth your while. Here are four reasons why you should consider this option:

Cost Savings

The foremost reason why patients from the US and Canada are heading to Molar City for dental procedures is the affordability. The cost of dental treatments in Algodones is low across the board, whether you want dental crowns or implants, or an intensive surgical procedure. You can easily save 65% to 80% on any treatment you opt for, as compared to the money you would have to spend in the US or Canada. The Molar City dentists are able to keep prices low because of the low operating and living costs in Mexico.


Traveling to Molar City for a dental procedure is convenient, as compared to traveling to any other dental tourism destination. You can simply cross the border from Arizona or California, on foot, as Los Algodones is located right across the US-Mexico border there. You don’t have to take a long flight.

Within minutes of reach the city, you will be able to reach the dental clinic you had selected. Such clinics as Simply Dental and Castle Dental are located near the border, offering you close proximity to affordable dental care when you are in Los Algodones.

World-Class Clinics

The dental clinics in Los Algodones are on par with the best clinics in the US and Canada in terms of facilities and services. The clinics there invest in state-of-the-art dental technology and equipment, along with providing a comfortable and relaxing environment.

The dental staff at the dental clinics there is highly cooperative and bilingual, ensuring utmost convenience and comfort for you as a dental tourist. The standard of treatment and care in Los Algodones is on par with the US and Canada.

Experienced Dentists

Molar City dentists are highly experienced and qualified. Many of them received their education and training from abroad, at some of the finest institutions. The dentists are certified and accredited, with memberships of international organizations. They adhere to the best practices in modern dentistry, offering a high standard of treatment to patients from abroad as well as locally.

All these factors combined give you plenty of reasons to travel to Molar City for a dental procedure. You can rest assured that you will receive first-world dental care at third-world prices, which is a combination you cannot ignore.

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