Dental implantology and other forms of reconstructive procedures such as All on 4 and All on 4 treatments are revolutionizing the dental industry as we know it. However, if you are fully insured and have full dental cover, then having these treatments at home in the USA or Canada is ideal. If you are one of the unfortunate ones that doesn’t have cover, which is virtually everyone, you really need to educate yourself on the cheap options for All on 6 in Molar City, Mexico. You can literally save yourself thousands of dollars today by letting us give you the ultimate lowdown.

Where is Molar City?


If you are a geography buff and haven’t heard of Molar City before, that is probably because the city’s official name is Los Algodones. This Mexican border town might seem a little sleepy and run-of-the-mill, but you don’t get a name like ‘Molar City’ for no reason. Home to over 100 dental establishments that were constructed to take advantage of the close proximity to the American border in California, Los Algodones has become a beacon of success in the world of dental tourism vacations.


Dental prices in Molar City are approximately 65% cheaper across the board than in the USA, Canada or even Europe. Americans have been going over the border to places such as Tijuana for many years to take advantage of low-cost medical and dental treatments and medication. Molar City is the first place to create an entire industry in a town devoted to dental tourism. Being just over the border from California, this is one of the most perfect places for a dental tourism vacation for Americans. In fact, the prices for treatments such as All on 6 in Molar City are so cheap that people from all over America, Canada and Europe travel to Los Algodones to secure their affordable treatments.


About All on 6 Implant Treatments


If you have missing teeth or have dentures that are uncomfortable, dental implants and other forms of implantology such as All on 4 and All on 6 are life-changing options. Even good fitting dentures or bridges start to become loose over time and you will have to routinely change them throughout your lifetime. With implants, the procedure is much more permanent and reliable.


Getting an affordable All on 6 in Molar City could well be the best move you ever make, but let’s find out more about said treatments before we go any further. All on 6 treatments have revolutionized the dental industry where a full arch of teeth, either upper or lower, can be supported by 6 teeth implants or more. These implants are fixed into you upper or lower jawline and support replacement teeth that for all intents and purposes feel, look and function just like real teeth.


When a patient is needing to replace all the upper teeth, 6 implants are needed to ensure stability and safeguard durability in the future. Important things to remember is that your oral hygiene needs to be exceptional to support any kind of dental implant treatments and that smokers cannot have implants because it can cause an infection that can lead to all manner of troubles. All on 6 dental implants are sometimes an alternative option for edentulous patients who have bone loss in their jaw and are therefore unsuitable for traditional implants. The All on 6 procedure uses slightly longer implants in the rear of the jaw, positioned at a 40 degree  angle, rather than a 90 degree, which makes them more stable.

Visiting Molar City for All on 6


Did you know that prices for All on 4 and All on 6 treatments are 62% cheaper than in the USA or Canada? The savings you can make are monumental. If we save money on teeth whitening or extraction, the percentage is similar but because the treatments are low cost in the first place, the price differences are minimal. This is the exact opposite with dental implants and All on 6 treatments.


Your normal everyday American is not paying USD $26,000 for All on 4 treatments because the prices are extortionate and the value is little to none. The prices that dental establishments have been forcing on consumers for the past 20 years in American and Canada is nothing short of daylight robbery. At least highwaymen wore a mask! I suppose dental surgeons do too!


It really is the price alone that has forced even patriarchal Americans to now look further afield for their dental and medical treatments. Places such as Los Algodones are real saviors for normal, everyday people, offering fair and affordable pricing. Okay, prices for dental implants and All on 6 treatments are relatively expensive wherever you have them done, but Americans have already realized that Mexico is their ultimate option for dental tourism.


Now you have realized that you won’t find dental treatment prices cheaper anywhere else, it’s time to start finding dental clinics for All on 6 in Molar City that not only offer affordability but also have world-class surgeons and services that are geared to international clientele.


All on 6 Clinics in Los Algodones


Although there are so many dental clinics in Molar City, not all of them have world-class services and adhere to high quality values, so you need to do your research and not rush into anything until you have finished reading this article. We live in an age where everyone is trying to sell you something online and in most cases, if it seems too good to be true, then it’s because it is!


In every instant, dental clinics and all businesses will tell you how you can benefit from their services and how great they are on their own website because they are just marketing tools. The only way to get truthful and honest advice on clinics for All on 6 in Molar city is to know a trusted friend who has visited the city before for dental treatments. Another way to take advantage of the internet is with dental tourism portals and hubs such as that are independent clinics and have researched all the options and possibilities to bring you the best impartial advice online.


These hubs have researched the entirety of the Los Algodones dental tourism scene to find clinics that merge quality, world-class treatments and affordable prices into unbeatable packages that cater towards American consumers. Using online customer reviews from former patients, here are some of the most highly recommended clinics for All on 6 in Molar City:




All on 6 Prices in Molar City


When you are looking to secure yourself the most affordable All on 4 or All on 6 prices in Mexico, Molar City is a great choice. Mexican prices are dramatically cheaper than those in the USA, and because many of the dental clinics speak both Spanish and English, it is not uncommon for Europeans to visit Mexico for low-cost dental treatments, however, Molar City is usually a location for local Americans who want ta convenient border-hop.


When you think about prices such as All on 4 and All on 6, they have some of the most expensive prices. In American, you can expect to pay in the region of USD $26,000 for All on 4, while in Mexico, the prices can range between USD $5,000 and $14,000, averaging out at approximately $10,000. As you can see, you can save almost $20,000 if you find the right clinic.


Dental implants are another treatment where Mexico offers some of the best discounted rates in the world. You can expect to pay approximately USD $4,000 in American for dental implants, but in Mexico, the price is around the $1,250 mark. The more expensive the treatment, the more you can save by visiting Molar City.


Here is an example of All on 4 prices in Mexico in a variety of currencies and with some comparisons to what you might pay in the Western world: US $ 10,000 (CAN $12,696; UK £7,688; Euro €8,722; Aus $12,788; NZ $13,645), compared to the prices in the US $26,000 (CAN $33,431; UK £19,382; Euro €23,130; Aus $33,910; NZ $34,841).


Recap and Conclusion


Times are changing, and if you are not on the cutting-edge of the current trends and market happenings, you could completely miss out on these affordable prices. Using a hub to find a top-notch clinic with a price that is right is essential in this day and age. Using the internet to research each destination and treatments is very important if you want to know the score and to secure yourself the cheapest prices without sacrificing quality.


If you are sitting in America or Canada and are fretting about prices for dental implant treatments in your own country, don’t lose heart as there are solutions to your problems. Get the cheapest prices online by getting your value-for-money All on 6 in Molar City.