The world is evolving and changing at a rapid pace, and if you are not changing with the world, you will be left behind. This is non-truer than in these technological times in which we exist. If you are from the USA, Canada or even Europe and are looking to purchase dental treatments in the near future, you can use the internet to find yourself some amazing bargains with prices in Molar City, Mexico, that are much cheaper than back home. Over 65% cheaper in most cases. Here is your comprehensive guide to getting an All on 4 in Molar City.


Where and What is Molar City?


Molar City is pretty much the marketing name for Los Algodones, which is a Mexican city that sits on the Californian border. The city might seem a bit dusty, but is rapidly becoming the epicenter of the dental tourism world. Although there are only 6,000 residents in Los Algodones, the city has over 100 top-notch dental establishments, which has culminated in the city being labeled ‘Molar City’.


More people than ever before are getting an All on 4 in Molar City, which really is reshaping the dental world and its landscape. You need to get in line with the evolving face of the industry so you can take advantage of the bargains and discounts available in Los Algodones.


The Changing Face of Dental Tourism


Because American and Canadian dental treatment centers have been too costly for many ordinary people to afford for so many years, only people with serious money can now enjoy dental treatments. If you are an American middle-class family or even earn a decent wage in the country, you simply cannot cover the costs of dental treatments in the USA and Canada. It’s a sad truth, but a truth nonetheless.


The only alternative for Americans seeking affordable dental treatments is by seeking out treatments in other countries. It’s a sad state of affairs, but one that is now becoming very prevalent across America. Although many Americans are now getting an All on 4 in Molar City and other Mexican destinations such as Cancun, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, Tijuana and more, the price differences are changing the face of dental tourism as we know it.


Although Molar City mostly attracts international patients from Europe, Canada and mainly the USA, we are seeing the same trend across SE-Asia. More patients from other major first-world areas of the world such as Northern Europe, Australia and New Zealand are also opting to cast aside extortionate prices in their home countries to visit low-cost yet quality dental establishments throughput the world. Are you going to move with the changes or remain the same?


Finding Trusted Dental Clinics in Molar City


If you are thinking of making the change and want to know more about All on 4s in Molar City, searching online to find customer reviews or the advice from experts is paramount. The first thing to discuss is what are All on 4 treatments and are they right for you.


  • All on 4 Treatments – If you have missing teeth and are looking for the best replacement, All on 4 treatments are a great option. The concept of All on 4 is a prosthodontic procedure that offers a permanent replacement that is screw-retained into place. You can have a full upper or lower set of All on 4 teeth, or even a bridge or a denture. This name for this treatment is for a least 4 implants, which is why it’s called ‘All on 4’. The implants are placed in the jaw and offer a real permanent and reliable option.


When you are looking for a clinic for All on 4 clinics in Molar City, Alberta Dental Clinic and a handful of other clinics offer the most tried and tested solutions. But how do you find a list of highly-recommended dental clinics in Los Algodones that not only offer affordable prices, but also have a reputation for international-level treatments and performance?


The best line of attack is to do your research online. Although websites directly from each clinic will only use marketing spiel to lure you in, the best course of action is to find independent websites that specialize in finding alternative dental treatment options.


Molar City Algodones is one such website that compiles lists of the most highly recommended clinics for All on 4 in Molar City that come directly from researching online reviews from former patients of each clinic in Los Algodones. We have used these reviews, along with insider knowledge from industry insiders to bring you a comprehensive list so recommended clinics for these treatments in the city. Here they are:


  • Sonia Edeza Morales – Specializing in dental implants and the latest reconstructive dental treatments, when you are looking for top-notch All on 4 in Molar City, Dr. Sonia Edeza Moralas is one of the most tried and trusted around. Known for her compassion and warmth, she is one of the most desirable with foreign patients.
  • Alberta Dental – Open 6 days per week and just a short drive over the Californian border, Alberta Dental is one of the most prestigious names in the city for those seeking All on 4 treatments and other dental implantology.
  • Castle Dental – This classy dental clinic is literally two blocks from the border, making it the ideal option for Americans who seek convenience and value for money. Whether you are seeking standard dental implant treatments or are seeking something more substantial such as All on 4 and All on 6, this is the place to go.
  • Supreme Dental – Also just a block or two from the border, Supreme Dental has a small but very friendly team that specializes in All on 4 in Molar City. The staff speak English and Spanish and have become popular over the past couple of years with Americans who seek low-cost yet high quality implant treatments.


Los Algodones is home to a handful of amazing dental establishments that merge low prices with highly-trained staff that are on hand to take a care of all your needs and requirements in the easiest and best way possible. Although we have mentioned some of the most highly regarded dental treatment centers in the city above, if you are looking for other options for your All on 4 in Molar City, CIRO Dental, Simply Dental, and the Sani Dental Group are also very popular with international patients and are great honorable mentions.


Molar City Dental Pricing


Did you know that dental implant prices for an All on 4 in Molar City are over 68% cheaper than in the USA, Europe or Canada? The only cheaper treatments you will find in Mexico when compared to Western nations is root canals that are over 80% cheaper in Mexico. As you can see, the price differences are simply stunning.


Because All on 4 treatments are some of the newest and most innovative in the world, the prices are also some of the most expansive. In America, prices for All on 4 treatments level out at a staggering USD $26,000! You heard me right! Basically, you can kiss the holiday of a lifetime goodbye and even a portion of your mortgage. When it comes down to it, unless you have lots of money, you are never having All on 4 treatments in the USA.


In Mexico, you can find an All on 4 in Motor City for as little as USA $5,000 to $14,700, with the average price being approximately USD $10,000. As you can see, finding a clinic in Molar City can literally save you thousands of dollars and change your life almost immediately. This is why thousands of Americans are making the special pilgrimage to Mexico each year to take advantage of the prices. This low price range might well put American dental establishments out of business or get them to drop their prices to sensible and reasonable levels, which is where they should be anyway. It might be a costly lesson for these greedy corporate fat cats.


Here is an example of the prices you might expect to pay in Mexico for All on 4 Treatments across many currencies, compared with the prices in the West: US $ 10,000 (CAN $12,696; UK £7,688; Euro €8,722; Aus $12,788; NZ $13,645), compared to the prices in the US $26,000 (CAN $33,431; UK £19,382; Euro €23,130; Aus $33,910; NZ $34,841).


Do not get left in the cold and think there is no answer to your dental woes. American dental establishments have made you think they are the only options but they are gravely incorrect. Educate yourself in regards to the bargains you can find in the dental tourism sector across Mexico and you will be shocked by the info you find.


When you are seeking All on 4 in Molar City, take your time to do your research because it could save your thousands of dollars. One thing is for sure: if you have the treatments done in America, you could end up bankrupt.